Thursday, December 22, 2011

We're in Japan!

Hey everyone!

We thought we would give a brief update on our trip's progress. So far we have had a really great time together. We all enjoyed a nice night at the hotel eating Giordanos pizza before getting up at 4AM to catch our first flight. So far we have had absolutely no problems getting through security and getting seats and everything on the planes. For the record, flying is not like a roller coaster. For the most part, you forget that you're on a plane once you're up in the air, unless there is turbulence (there was a TON on the way to Narita).
On the way to Seattle, we got to watch a movie and almost right after the movie was done, the clouds below cleared up and we got to look at some incredible mountains and scenery as we neared Seattle. We'll post pictures soon. :) Almost all of our trips have been shorter than anticipated, which gave us more breathing room for layovers. The flight from Seattle to Tokyo was really long, but they gave us two meals, snacks, unlimited drinks, and played movies. April and I were stuck in the middle section of the plane for this part of the trip, but we flew over parts of Alaska, the Bering Sea, and got pretty close to Russia. Turns out that I am not a big fan of 10+ hour flights.

Right now, we are in Narita International Airport in Tokyo, Japan. I still can't believe I'm out of the country, let alone in JAPAN! When our plane landed, we were all very concerned about how much time we would have to get through airport security and to get to wherever the next gate would be. Luckily, our flight got delayed by a few hours so we got some time to enjoy our time in Japan. April has especially enjoyed this, because she has hosted several students from Japan and has also studied Japanese for a very long time.

In a few hours we will be catching our final flight to Bangkok, where we will be picked up by Andy and then we can get some real sleep. It will be around 2AM when we get to the church, which will be about 2PM Indianapolis time. Talk about jetlag!

We will update again once we have all had some rest!


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  1. So glad things have gone well, but I'm envious of getting to see all these parts of the world! Japan! Fun! Praying that the rest of the trip goes well.