Friday, December 30, 2011

Friday: Park, Shopping, and Girls' Night Out!

The day took an exciting start this morning when Andy drove us to the 58 acre par

k located at the heart of the city. Here, we rented upright bikes for 20 Baht and toured around. The park, Jen explained, was once a gold course. It had long, grassy patches, along with marshy areas. The city had done a marvelous job rehabbing it into a popular family place where children feel safe enough to come and play. For whatever reason, there was no school in session, so students were everywhere in large groups. It created a very lively atmosphere! After a few laps around the park, we quenched our thirst and our hunger at a local restaurant inside the park. These small dives and street vendors were very common inside the park. There is no permit regulation here, so anyone can set up a cart. It seems sketchy, but these tend to have the best food around, and for a good price!

After lunch, Andy drove us to an indoor market. There were 3 levels of hundreds of stores, selling just about any souvenir you can imagine. We took this opportunity to do a little gift and souvenir shopping. We even got to haggle! Very exciting stuff.

After this exciting adventure, we cleaned up and split up. GIRLS' NIGHT OUT and BOYS' NIGHT IN!! We let Jen decide what she would like to do on her evening free of her boys. Her original plan was to hang out in one of the many malls in Siam to eat dinner and get foot massages. This plan was almost derailed when everyone and their brother decided to also check out this mall and restaurant of choice. As if that wasn't already a bummer, the desired massage parlor had been shut down. We were so bummed, we almost headed home. On our way out the door, we saw a map and decided to look once more and see if there were any parlors. We were in luck! There was not only one parlor open, but they were practically empty. Our evening was saved! We then proceeded to have some of the most amazing foot massages EVER! It was simply wonderful. We talked about lots of girly things along the way and had a great time.

In other news, we have created a second photo album! Isaac has done a great job of taking/uploading pictures that we filled up the first one. I'll take this opportunity to post both links:

Thanks, guys!

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