Monday, December 19, 2011

Travel Preparations!

Normally on a day off I would still be in bed hooked up to my CPAP machine, sleeping and enjoying a stress free morning. Everyone except Mom was up and about packing for the trip this morning. Hard to believe 24 hours from now I will be flying for the West Coast on the first leg of our trip. Prepping for a full day of flying isn't easy as any world traveler can tell you. Helping prep your brother and sister for their first time flying as well as their first time traveling to another country outside Canada isn't easy either. Getting there will certainly be a challenge, even for me and Mom who have traveled internationally prior to tomorrow. Mom has visited Mexico several times and was fortunate to visit Honduras on a Medical Humanitarian mission. I to have been to Mexico and was very lucky to fly to the UK to visit London in 2007. Despite all that our family has experienced so far, our biggest challenge will be getting thru the language barrier. Thai is not only a Tonal language, but also doesn't use the Western Latin style lettering that our Family is used to reading in English, Spanish, and French. Luckily Bangkok is a very popular tourist destination for Western travelers so that will help out for us.

I can't remember seeing the house this crazy with all of us busy preparing for the trip, Isaac is editing video footage for us to present to the Muang Thai Church congregation, Hillary is packing clothes, I'm trying to juggle writing this blog post, prepping my CPAP machine for the airport, tagging my bags, holding the mail, and whatever else Mom thinks of that requires the computer. It's also pretty messy, I admit I'm a bit of a slacker but there are times where I'm surprised by how much stuff has stacked up in the dining room.
It's a stressful venture for us and we haven't even left the house, but I expect the best has yet to come.
That's all for now! More to come later!


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